Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey peeps!

Currently having a long break.Will update my blog soon.Im not really busy it just me being lazy.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

MIIM carnival

It has been almost 3 months I didn't meet my college buddies,so I made up my mind to go for MIIM carnival which is my college carnival organised by DMS students for their final projects.

I was kinda lazy to go when first Iqram called me in the morning to asked wether I'm going or not.Decided to go in the afternoon time,I went to my college to fetched Leen and headed Tasik Titiwangsa.

Great job to DMS students for making a fantastic carnival,which I know it wasn't a easy to organise this such event.Technically,it was ok..There are varities booth at the place as in foods,cloths,celcom and also for Gaza.

My beautiful friends

I hang up there just for a while after meeting my friends and lecturers.I cant wait to start class and be a student again.


That's all for now..Ciaoz:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in action

Hi friends..First of all,I would like to wish u people..

Happy belated christmas

Happy belated new year

Happy belated chinese new year

Happy belated thaipussam

Happy belated valentine's day

Hehehehe..I'm really really sorry for being such a lazy girl for not updating my blog.So I guess I'm back again to blog

Nothing much to write about my life,I just want to share some beautiful pictures which I took for the past several days .Enjoy..

Nad and mum

Muqriz,mum,Nad and Luqman
The new me

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51st Independence Day

Wow,time is really running so fast.In a blink an eye Malaysia has already Independence for 51 years.I'm truly proud of being Malaysian,live in a very peace country,free from war despite Politic issues has been super massive at the moment.No matter what happens let the big people settle it cos I'm just a citizen who has no power.

I've never celebrated Merdeka eve before,is not because that I'm not a truly Malaysian or not being supportive to whatever things they are celebrating.It just I'm not a fan of crowded places with stuffy environment since I'm easily to get headache.

Just so you know I did something unexpected thing with my production group on Friday.It may sound common to you all but as for me it was something memorable that I did before.Since we are doing Documentary about environment which concludes vehicles and environment,I took a chance to ride a public transport as in Bus,Lrt,Monorail and Cab.Yes,me on the bus+lrt+monorail+cab.Funny aight?Bus and cab are common to me since I've ride it before.I was a bit "Jakun" when riding all the transports.Funny me!

Waiting for the bus

As for Independence day,I made a slight plan for this year as I supposed to relax and home doing nothing by hanging out with my lovely cousin's to celebrate Merdeka eve.Yul has made a reservation at Dorsett Regency Hotel for us to hang out around town.The room has cost about RM400 one night,thanks to Auntie Ah for being kind for sponsoring us.

Our suite




First of all,we had dinner at Pavilion at some mexican restaurant,can't barely remember what's the name of the restaurant.The foods were really delicious even though I just had Turkey sandwich for my meal.

The boys

The girls

My turkey sandwich

We did nothing specific,what we did was just hang out at the room,dinner at Pavilion and lepak at Leka leka sucking Shisha as we planned to go karaoke after Merdeka eve but too bad since Red box has fully booked.

The pro's

It was pretty awesome since that was my first time having it.We lepak there for about 2 hours.Right after that we went to 7 Eleven to get some tidbits and Maggie cup.Then later headed back to hotel to get some sleep.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I heart Jakarta..Part 2

Re-continue..Oh Jakarta!I'm so deeply in love with Jakarta,their language,foods,the citizens there.Gue cinta sama Jakarta!Waduh...Basically what we do there just shop till drop,from 1st day to the last day we did non stop shopping.As u know Rupiah currency is much more lower than Ringgit Malaysia so it has made me really really rich.I mean like super rich,very rich,richie rich,tasha rich..Yes yes yes..

Mangga dua Mall

Everytime we entered in the shopping mall,there will be a few polices scanning our car to check out security safe and also when we get in to the mall.The security will checked our bag by scanning machine.Oh well,as if we gonna bring bomb to explode their building.Come on,logically way who wants to bring bomb to shopping mall?Only dumb people will do that..but as we know it happens before a few cases about bombming thing in Indonesia.



Even though lots of people potrayed Indonesia as poor country,polluted and so on but yet I kinda disagree with that.In their country there are 2 levels,which are Rich and Poor.There are no middle class.For me they are actually just same as us,it just their economic isn't stable enough that is why it corrupted their country's name.They are actually more advance than us as in their building architecture,shopping mall,fashion trends and of course the roads are flooded with luxury cars.

Cousin's donut is like everywhere at the mall,I had it for almost everyday.Burrrpp,kinda sick of it I promised myself not to eat in Malaysia for one month.Best thing about J.Co's there,we don't have to make a long queue to buy the donut's and they have extra flavours than us.

Dinner at Anchol
Me and Yul
Last day in Jakarta
That's it people,about my vacation to Jakarta.I had amazing time in Jakarta and I wish to go again n again cos I'm deeply in love with Jakarta...Adios!